Mountain West Commercial Real Estate professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise, executing assignments on behalf of clients whether large, small, local or institutional. Our professionals are highly skilled and fiercely dedicated to accomplishing the goals of our clients. Also, we're all pretty good looking...

Office Location
Mary Street, CCIM

Bo Finau

Karli Black

Alexis Osmond

Cody Black

Doug Scheel

Chris Do
Research Specialist
Spencer Greer

Mesha Serrano
Sumer Le
Research Specialist
Nic Woods

Preston Miller, MRED

Fae Larson
Executive Assistant
Prissy Schroeder
Brandon Johnson

Annie Lim
Graphic Designer
Nikki Gorton
Executive Assistant
Wes Christensen

James Mack, MRED, CCIM

Shad Webb

Troy Scheel

Julie Johnson
Executive Assistant
Ben Ellsworth

Alex Nielsen

Parker Dixon

Todd Schwartzman

Kendra Van Horssen
Director of Marketing
Pete Rossi

AJ Brey

R. Michael Francis

Bill Street

Erik Hulbert

Carolyn Fan

Tami Drake
Agent Assistant / Research Specialist
Baylee Boschetto
Office Manager, Nevada
Nate Monson

Kelly Maxwell
Julee Snow
Executive Assistant
Brieona Pappas

David Arrington
Director of IT and Security
Kaycee Chambers
Graphics Designer
Ally Jarvis
Team Manager
Stephanie Buranek

Russ Harris

J.R. Moore

Sara Reyes
Executive Assistant
Matthew Porter

Alberto Vazquez

John Stertzer

Rachel Thiesfeld
Graphics Designer
Heather Tardanico
Executive Assistant
Robert Kingsford, SIOR, CCIM

Katie Mikula

Nick Clark

Lynzie Plant
Location Intelligence Analyst
Matt Liapis
Location Intelligence Analyst
Saundra Fife
Research Specialist
Dave Kelly

Josh Vance, CCIM

J.R. Howa

Ryan Stewart

Ian Davis

Levi Neufeld

Meagan Martin
Office Manager, Montana
Jake Hedge

Richard D. Martin

Scot Prince

Abe Conner

Andrew Fehrman

Jakke Farley, CCIM

Chandler Griffin
Principal Broker, Montana
Kyle Bloomfield

Kelly Shiotani

Ben Brown
Kenneth G. Jones
Chief Financial Officer
Nichole Parkinson
Director of Operations
Brandon Goodman

Shaydon Wood

Alicia White
Executive Assistant
Lance Pendleton

Chad Moore
Managing Director
Brett Palmer
Andy Moffitt

Jeffrey Mitchell
Principal Broker, Nevada
Mike Medina

Adam Hawkes

Jeff Harrison

Troy Hardy

Tracy Doong, CCIM

Michelle Doong, CCIM, MRED

Joe Cooley
Principal Broker, Utah
Scott Brady

Garrett Blomquist


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