June 9, 2020 – Salt Lake City.  Mountain West Commercial was recently honored by GlobeSt.com as one of commercial real estate’s best places to work.  Check out what our employees had to say about the culture here at Mountain West. Successful full-service brokerage firm Mountain West Commercial Real Estate is a dominant force in the United States, fiercely dedicated to providing superior services to their clients. The success is exemplary of the brokerage firm’s strong team, and for that reason, Mountain West has created what they are calling a workplace haven at its new headquarters office in Salt Lake City, Utah. The facility is equipped with a game room, full kitchen and lounge area, and in addition, a masseuse comes to the office monthly to provide wellness and stress relief to the staff. As a full-service brokerage firm, Mountain West does not have the corporate brokerage firm structure and it is able to be nimble in the way that it responds to its team. Employees are individually valued and have the ability to share their perspectives and opinions. “There is no superiority or hierarchy at Mountain West,” says Ken Jones, the company’s CFO. “I can truly attest to 100% satisfaction in my work and the company I work for.  They have created a culture of the employee happiness at the center of hard work, dedication and passion.” Employees have the opportunity to attend monthly classes that set them up for success, and all employees share into—and are compensated for—an in-house database that tracks sales volume and comps to provide better market knowledge. When brokers do perform well, there is an incentive program for employee of the year, assistant of the year and the G.O.A.T.—and the prize is big. Winners receive an all-inclusive paid vacation. The firm also provides a monthly incentive program that gives “shout-outs” for good work and helps to boost morale. Employees are so satisfied in the environment that few people leave, giving Mountain West consistently low turnover rates—an accomplishment the company is proud of. Written by Erika Morphy, GLOBEST.COM

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